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As an artist, I enjoy making works of digital art, either animations or illustrations that appeal to those who want to become someone else and see their adventures come to life. My art is only half of the work because I give more credit to a good story that others have to share. I listen to the stories  and try to visualize it as accurate as possible. I would say its a form of escapism, but not entirely. These characters are our own and carry a piece of who we are. It isn’t to ignore reality, but to show it under a new light. Stories connect and share various walks of life, I would like to connect my art to both. I also connect my art to my cousin, for who I pay homage to in my pursuit for keeping the curiosity and child-like wonder alive. For someone who had imagination to become whoever they wanted simply because they could. For simply because it was nice and liberating in the sense that it isn’t limited to the world of what is or isn’t possible. 


Available for commissions & collaborations

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